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Roots to the Future: ISRR 2012

The eighth symposium of the International Society of Root Research (ISRR), to be held in summer of 2012 in Dundee, UK, will mark the 30th anniversary of the Society’s founding and its first meeting in the UK.

The focus of this meeting is "Roots to the Future".
Papers and posters may be related to any aspect of root and rhizosphere research, including genetics, physiology and function, root-soil interactions, methods in root and rhizosphere research, agricultural crops, forestry, model plants including Arabidopsis, root pathogens, carbon cycling, root-microbe interactions, applications of root research, soil stabilisation with vegetation etc…
Provisional list of sessions:

  • Root-soil interactions
  • Genes, traits, & phenotyping
  • Reconciling genetics with environmental physiology
  • Root sensing of the environment
  • Root function and uptake/transport
  • Linking structure to function
  • Carbon transfers and cycling
  • Evolution of root structure
  • Heavy metals tolerance and bioremediation
  • Root pathogens and diseases
  • Roots in the field
  • Environmental impact of roots
  • Extreme environments
  • Root-microbe interactions including mycorrhizae, nodulation and N-fixation
  • Roots in food security and agricultural sustainability
  • Roots in a changing environment


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