Joint Calls

ERA-PG funded projects

Two joint calls were organised by ERA-PG consortium in 2006 and 2008. All together, these two calls resulted in 41 transnational research projects with a total budget of 55 million Euros.

In 2006, the ERA-PG consortium organised 2 sub-calls. The sub-call A was a broad call for publicly funded research in plant genomics while the sub-call B was designed to support private-public partnership. In the sub-call A, the 15 highest ranked proposals were granted with a total budget of nearly 21 million Euro. In the sub-call B, 14 proposals of which 13 public-private partnerships were granted with a total budget of 16.6 M€.
In 2008, the ERA-PG consortium organised a single joint call focused on the integration of new technologies in plant science. Among the 54 submitted proposals, 12 were granted with a total budget of 16.5 M€.


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