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Strategic workshop in Tallinn

Who is who in ERA-CAPS?

The funding agency partners of ERA-CAPS got together in Tallinn, Estonia in June this year for the First Strategic Workshop of ERA-CAPS.  The workshop was opened by Maive Rute, Director of the Biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food Directorate of the European Commission.  The aims of the workshop were to introduce the partners to each other, particularly the new partners that were not involved in ERA-PG, and to discuss national priorities in plant science research for each of the partner countries.  The discussions were very fruitful and provided guidance for the research themes that would become part of the first Joint Call.  It was decided that the first call should be broad and inclusive in order to maximise the reach of the call to as many plant scientists in the partner countries as possible.  Certain research areas were common across many partners – namely Food Security, Non-Food Crops, Adaptation to a Changing Climate, and Biotic/Abiotic Stress.  These are the themes that have been highlighted in the call that was launched in November (see above).

Contact: Paul Wiley and Margit Suuroja

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