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A more interactive intranet and a whole new section devoted to the calls management at

Since the official launch, the visits on have risen to 12.000. As expected, the number one page is .

More than useful documents, this “ERA-CAPS call” page will provide the link to the online submission.

A brand new intranet has been design in order to facilitate consortium management. New intranet items include interactive modules to comment documents, prepare meetings, launch polls and organise voting procedures. All together, these tools will allow a better centralisation of the information and a more efficient coordination.

Beside the important work on the intranet, the FNRS and DFG are working on a system allowing simple eligibility check by all partner agencies directly on the ERA-CAPS website. Once again, such tools should considerably simplify the evaluation procedure.


Contact: Arnaud Goolaerts and Jean-Francois Chevalier

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