Joint Calls

Multiple Stress Responses and Adaptations

  • Acronym MultiStress
  • Duration 1 July 2007 - 1 July 2010
  • Project leader John Mundy, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Other project participants Søren Brunak, Danish Technical University, Denmark
    Tapio Palva, University of Helsinki, Finland
    Paolo Costantino, Universita Roma La Scapienza, Italy
    Ida Ruberti, Università di Roma, Italy
    Dick Vreugdenhil, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
    Alte M. Bones, Norwegian Universtiy of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Funding Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI), Denmark
    The Academy of Finland (AKA), Finland
    Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), Italy
    The Research Council of Norway (RCN), Norway
    Netherlands Genomics Initiative / Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NGI/NWO), The Netherlands
  • Total Granted budget € 1,788,397


The general objectives are to analyze responses and adaptations of plants to multiple stresses and to identify the level and functions of stress regulatory networks and crosstalk. Both biotic (pathogens & insects) and abiotic (unfavourable environmental conditions) stresses will be taken into account. Genomic approaches in the model Arabidopsis will be used to provide knowledge and tools for breeding crops with enhanced tolerance to stress conditions in the field.

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